Luis “2-Live” Lopez is an experienced radio personality, voice-over artist, and production expert. He is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Media focusing on radio and sound. After college, Luis worked extensively in radio in the Chicago area hosting on-air shifts, producing shows and news segments, and ensuring the voice-over quality for station imaging and commercials. His experience spans multiple radio genres and formats from dance and hip-hop to news and talk. Luis is currently the host of REAL EDM The Podcast, which highlights exclusive interviews with artists, and special DJ mixes giving the show its own unique sound and presence in the industry. He is also the host and producer of a weekend show on 92.7FM, Dance Factory Radio Chicago. Luis joined Podcast Production Pros to help other hosts start their own podcasts. Podcasts are growing in popularity and he knows that having quality sound and editing is crucial to the success of a new show. Luis uses his 20 years of sound and radio experience to help podcast hosts record, mix, and edit each episode giving them the high-quality polish of a top radio show. When he is not working, Luis likes to spend time with friends and family, enjoys the Chicago nightlife, and traveling to exciting locations.