Dylan Rudisill is a long-time Radio Broadcaster turned Podcaster. Dylan grew up in a small Ohio farm town on the shores of Lake Erie close to Cleveland. Rewind to nineteen-ninety something; a preteen Dylan has just returned from Radio Shack with a microphone and a plan. He’s going to start his own radio station with that mic and his Mom’s vinyl records. Flamboyantly flying up the stairs to his bedroom he threw open the windows propped up his stereo speakers and the dream began. At the young age of fourteen, he started working for his hometown radio station and during his high school years…ruled the afternoon airwaves. For over two decades, he traveled around the country creating top-rated radio shows and designing audio masterpieces. Radio stations have extraordinary production studios that allowed Dylan to expand his creative energy through cutting-edge commercials and radio station branding. Over the course of his career, he has helped to develop new radio stations, managed on-air announcers, promotions departments, and sold radio commercials to numerous top advertisers. Today, through his Chicago based company he produces several podcasts and works with current and future podcasters to enhance and grown their brand.